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These are unusual times…

[7 Sept 2021} Almost, maybe, kinda…with the majority getting vaccinated and masking still being enforced, it seems we can see a version of “normal” life on the horizon.

Our customers have been incredibly supportive since this started, and we are very grateful to you all.  It’s hard not to be anxious but as Chris Hadfield says, understand the actual risks. We will continue to do what we can to stop COVID-19 from spreading beyond our health care system’s ability to treat those who may suffer the worst outcomes from infection.

We are back with in-store shopping (capacity limited). Yes, mask & hand sanitize on entry and PLEASE bring in the dog; we have missed you all so much!  Continue to call at 416-504-1265 or email us to place your order in advance when possible to minimize “inside” time…cause the pandemic is not quite done with us yet.  Our options to pick up at curb-side OR to use our home delivery services are still going strong too, whatever is most comfortable for you.  Prepaid pick-up OR contactless debit/credit and cash payment options at the door as needed; home delivery orders are all prepaid.

IF the door is locked, please knock/ring the bell, we’re likely getting something from downstairs, and we’ll be with you ASAP.  Customer capacity is 4 at a time, so if you get the hand and a “sorry, we’re full,” we thank you for your patience as you wait for your turn outside.



Sid ChrysdaleHaving the benefit of experience Sid knows that his human Cheryl always has things under control.  Which is good because somebody has to keep a lid on things while Sid stalks his prey.