Many have asked “why can’t I shop helmutt’s online?”  The short answer: we stock over 5000 items -varieties of foods and things- in our store.  That and we actually like our customers and enjoy talking to them and seeing them, so online shopping has never been a big priority for us.

Cue the global pandemic…yeah, like we need to tell you how much that has changed things for all of us.

But making lemons out of lemonade and so we carry on #helmuttsfaithful…because we will be launching our eCom store very soon.  In the meantime please call in or email us your order and we shall keep you in supply as usual.  Visit the opening page and enter your email to get your first online order promo code too.  We happily extend a treat to those who have been so supportive of us.

Old dogs can learn new tricks…just takes us a little longer.

Safe travels.