…another COVID-19 update…!

WE ARE OPEN and still doing Curb-side service and Home Delivery. (updated 19 April 21). Please call or email in advance as much as possible with your order. During normal hours you can also knock on the window and we’ll move as quickly as we can to get it to you on the sidewalk. Our suppliers are still stocking our shelves regularly, our special and standing customer orders included.

Curb-side Service payment options include contactless debit, credit and cash: please call or email first as much as possible so we can prepare your order. We will return all messages, pinky swear.

Home Delivery option is by prepaid payment only and will be sent on the next available Monday, Wednesday or Friday delivery run.

Call us:  416-504-1265

email at:   eMailbox@helmuttspetsupply.ca

Storefront Hours:  M-F 10am-7pm/Sat 10am-6pm/Sun Noon-6pm

Location: 865 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON, M6J 1G4

Our actual online store can’t come soon enough but…

Pandemic or not these things take time to get up and running.  As a treat for your patience enter your email below and when it opens we’ll treat YOU to a first online order promo code.

Shop local, online…now that’s a neat trick.