hello #helmuttsfaithful

We are a community store so please, come for a browse. YES, bring the dog.  YES, curb-side pick-up and sidewalk payments can still be done.  YES, hand sanitizer will be with us forever by the entrance.

Advance order by phone call OR email is always on for your convenience. YES, home delivery is available too.

In-store shopping, pick-up orders, delivery orders, customer calls, customer emails, stock deliveries, daily battles with the point-of-sale system, OH my goodness so MANY things! We very much appreciate your patience as we do our best to accommodate everyone.

Curb-side Service payment options are CC payment in advance OR contactless debit, credit or cash on arrival: call or email to arrange orders.

Home Delivery option is by prepaid payment only and will be sent on the next available Monday, Wednesday or Friday delivery run.

Pets are the original life/work balance helper: so yes, we have some social media.  And no, we don’t always look at it. But we do return all messages by phone or email to the shop, pinky swear.

Call us:  416-504-1265

email at:   eMailbox@helmuttspetsupply.ca


Storefront Hours:  M-F: 10am-7pm   Sat: 10am-6   Sun: Noon-6pm  (We are closed on all Statutory Holidays)

Location: 865 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON, M6J 1G4

We love/hate online ordering too…

…but we are a community store with no plans to conquer the internet.  If you’re interested in a monthly email from your local pet food store then subscribe below and you shall receive!

Cute animal picture content will likely be high…just saying.