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These are unusual times…

Pet food (and supplies) are considered essential so we will continue to remain open and our distributors assure us we will continue to be restocked.  We are now, however, restricted to alternative methods of sale which means we can still sell things, but customers may only pick-up their items from our step or have it delivered to their home.

It’s hard not to be anxious but as Chris Hadfield says, understand the actual risks. We must all double down now and do what we can to stop COVID-19 from spreading beyond our health care system’s ability to treat those who suffer the worst outcomes from infection.

We are all at risk every time we leave our homes but needs be so call before you come to arrange and prepay your purchase.  Options are to pick-up in store OR to use home delivery and we’ll drop it on your doorstep.  Call us at 416-504-1265 or email us and yes, all messages will be returned.

If you’re already standing outside our window call us and we’ll put your order together as quick as we can and bring it out to the front step so you can be on your way.  Sadly we must all save the visiting and the browsing for a later, better time.  We miss you already!

All purchases must be prepaid and  regretfully we must suspend any returns during this time.



Sid ChrysdaleHaving the benefit of experience Sid knows that his human Cheryl always has things under control.  Which is good because somebody has to keep a lid on things while Sid stalks his prey.