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Valentine’s Day isn’t just for humans! Pugs and kisses for your pooch.

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It looks like we have a new employee! Good thing we can pay Sue in liver treats.

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Scout got inspired by Callie and wanted to get in on the festive fun! We have beautiful handmade and up-cycled bandanas made by one of very own..

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It’s beginning to look a lot like…come visit the cutest little reindeer.

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New treat alert! These are made in Canada! Grain free, single source protein and low calorie so they’d be great for training and our furry friends..

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Click here to support Bull Sh!t: A Dogumentary organized by Natalie Goldfarb

In loving memory of Gromet & Sophie…sadly the struggle continues. Lend your support to shine a light on why BSL is STILL wrong!

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Today’s yoga is brought to you by our instructor Joshua…rocking chair optional.

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